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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  January 19, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EST

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estimated 200,000 people and left over 500,000 homeless. >> linda so has video of what is happening today in haiti. >> reporter: what you're about to see is from a cincinnati man who happened to have his video camera rolling when the earthquake hit. >> reporter: rick hirsch was videotaping missionaries playing with children at the orphanage. 20 girls lived there but thankfully no one was hurt. bill clinton visited this orphanage in port-au-prince yesterday. buried survivors are still being pulled from the ruins but hour by hour the needs of hundreds of thousands are growing. >> they know the area, they know their neighbors. they know they have not seen them. >> reporter: the u.n. world food program says it needs 100
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million prepared meals over 30 days. they've asked for government donations to meet the need. ahead, how desperation is turning into violence and looting in haiti. teams of rescuers and relief crews from across the nation are in haiti this morning including local doctors doing what they can to help. sherrie johnson shows us how one woman and her husband are assisting in the relief effort. >> reporter: dr. carol ritter is a gynecologist at the greater baltimore medical center. after the earthquake hit they traveled to the dominican republic and then traveled to a town on the haitian border. they treated hundreds of patients, many with life threatening injuries. she started to treat patients saturday, even helped a mother developed a healthy baby girl over the weekend. >> to her standards this was the highest care of medicine
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that anyone could get. to our standards it was like a home birth. she actually named the baby after me. i've never had a patient in the states name a baby after me. i mean, in the middle of this you can still find the joy. that was just a gift. >> reporter: you can follow both dr. ritter and her husband as they work to treat the haitians in need of help and we have a link to their blog on in the studio, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. 5:02. it's been a week and your donations to haiti via text messages has raised more than $20 million. that is nearly $140,000 an hour since last wednesday. by now you probably know about this one, texting the word "haiti" to 90999. will donate $10 to the red cross and comes out of your monthly bill.
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we found more than a dozen other organizations accepting donations through text messaging. to get a list of the groups and for updates anytime go to we have a page dedicated solely to the haiti earthquake. we have a telethon that abc2 set up in conjunction with scripps, our parent company, and the american red cross. that begins tonight from 4:00 to 8:00. our phones will be staffed by some of the workers from the american red cross. hope you can join us. on friday all the major networks and several cable channels will host an all-star telethon for earthquake relief called "hope for haiti." wyclef jean will host from new york and george clooney will host from los angeles. you can watch it right here on abc2, this friday. 5:03. politics now. all eyes on massachusetts today. that senate race. it's a dandy. special election to fill ted kennedy's vacant senate seat takes place today. the race between states
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attorney general martha coakley and republican state senator scott brown has come to a dead heat. the outcome could determine the fate of health care reform. a brown victory could level the playing field in the senate potentially giving republicans the votes they need to kill health care. four women, one as old as 95, became the victims of a home invasion in harford county. it happened late sunday night at the village of lakeview apartments in edgewood. one person living there heard a knock on the door. a man said it's junior. two suspects came in, one showing a gun and demanding a resident go to the back room. the other subject kept his eyes on the visitor. >> i'm thinking about my grandmother. it's really sad, they wanted drugs and stuff. >> the sheriff's office says the man left with purses, bank cards, prescription medication and a cell phone. they are described as two african-american males between ages 17 and 22. if you have information you're asked to call 1-888-540-8477.
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5:05. companies will dish out millions for super bowl advertising. >> even announcing a recall. the chrysler vehicles being recalled and the promise that the automaker is making to drivers. >> we've heard of e. coli scares. the meat recall that may have some thinking twice of what they grab in the freezer. first, here's justin berk with the out the door forecast. >> we're now down to 30 degrees officially in baltimore at 5:05. one more mild day on tap. then wintry weather by the end of the week. more on that coming up. let's see what is happening with the mta and mark jones. >> the commute start is a good one now on the marc, nothing in the way on the camden, penn, or brunswick lines. light rail and metro subway on time. heavy volume on the buses, 3, 19 and 5 and number 15 bus is about 10 minutes late. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones.
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we had a nice afternoon yesterday, temperatures in the mid-50s but considering the rain we had over the weekend and now temperature down into the low 30s widespread frost out there. if you leave your car outside you may have to scrape, scrape,
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scrape and allow extra time for that. 32 easton. 30 baltimore. 37 in york. and yes, we've had clouds trying to roll in in the last few hours. the showers in the mountains, a lot of that is not reaching ground, don't worry about that but we'll have day that is partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. sunrise 7:23. look for more clouds but temperatures still getting up to the 2-degree guaranteed high of 50. let's check the roads with kim. >> not much going on at this hour. no accidents to let you know about. traffic is moving nicely around the beltway. no problems on 95 as you make your way through the whitemarsh boulevard area, down towards the 695/895 split. a dense fog warning is in effect at the hatem memorial bridge. we still have the two right lanes blocked northbound york road at bosley avenue for the ongoing watermain break repair. 83 is ok, no problems on the harrisburg expressway and no problems on the jfx at northern parkway, looking good in both directions. back to you. 5:09.
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are you good with money and numbers? the state wants you to get involved in a balancing act. >> and $300,000 in severance pay sounds pretty good, right? conan o'brien, we'll see what he has to say. ♪ spread a little love today ♪ spread a little somethin' to remember ♪
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here's your "consumer alert." the only u.s. automaker will be advertising this year's super bowl, chrysler. that's it. some 24,000 chrysler dodge and jeep vehicles are being recalled, there are concerns over some defective parts that could cause brake failure. the company is not aware of accidents due to bad brakes. but the recall affects the 2010 chrysler sebrings, dodge avenger sedans, jeep commander and grand cherokee suv's and 2009 and 2010 dodge ram trucks. another recall. this is maybe in your freezer, nearly a million pounds of beef are being recalled. the california-based huntington meat packing company says more than 864,000 pounds of beef products may be contaminated
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with e. coli. the recalled products were produced january 5th and 15th. they include a beef burrito filling mix and imperial meat company ground beef patty. for a complete list of the affected products you're urged to call 1-888-mp-hotline or visit the web site, www.fsis.usda. dpof. as lawmakers continue to work through session 2010 in annapolis we're wondering how would you like to be governor for a day? huh? a local nonprofit group is making it easier than you may think. a maryland budget and tax policy institute put together a video game that lets you try to balance maryland's budget. >> more often than not the more money you get the less people are happy with you. so that's where the balance comes in and it just goes to show that the governor's job is very difficult and he's got a
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lot of tough choices to make. >> players travel to different locations to view budget options and based on your decisions the state's budget status improves or gets worse. at the same time, we have 10 different simulated interest groups react to your every move. to learn how to play head to and then click on the "links mentioned on air." we went inside of the belly of the beast. >> an emotional wyclef jean is firing back at critics who accuse the singer of profiting from his haitian charity. his organization speaking at a press conference, tearfully denied anything improper. he said there were organizational mistakes made in the past but his 12-year-old charity has made a positive impact for his country of haiti. this appears to be conan
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o'brien's last week of work at nbc unless there's a last-minute change of heart. he will leave nbc after his friday show, possibly with a $32 million severance check. perhaps one reason conan looks so happy, fox says they are already interested in hiring him. his fans in chicago want nbc to know it will make a big mistake if they let their favorite late-night comic leave as host of the tonight show. more than 100 people came to support him outside of the local affiliate in chicago, at the studio there. showing signs that read i'm with coco and "team conan." it was one of several rallies around the country organized through facebook. mutombo has been out of the nba spotlight for a few years now, in washington last night he was presented with coach john thompson's legacy award.
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he received honors for improving thousands of lives in his native congo. his namesake foundation worked to combat childhood diseases and opened up a hospital that served more than 25,000 patients. 5:17. yesterday 56 degrees. a nice one. up to 59 richmond. 50s made it up to philadelphia, not quite to new york city, they had 48 degrees in the afternoon. almanac shows us on this 19th of january 23 in the morning, 41 in the afternoon is what we would expect so well above normal. that continues tore another day or two. 5 below the record in 1994. 1951, the high mark of 61. this morning, we shift to our focus to the north. 41 in new york city now, dropping back into the 30s in
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interior sections of new england. a lot of eyes on massachusetts today for the big special election and yes, there's light snow now falling across central new york, it's moving eastbound. they may wind up with a few decent inches across the ski resorts of vermont, new hampshire and maine, expecting an inch to two inches across the berkshires, through western massachusetts but definitely an inclement day with the light snow and temperatures basically stuck in the middle 30s. let's shift to the mid-atlantic and the south, the tail end of the system is going to give us more clouds for the middle part of the day. then we'll start cooling things down. check the forecast model as we dry things out overnight, we'll watch the next system starting to gather strength to the south and west. just cold enough as we stop our timeline here, thursday morning, could be light snow passing to our south but the real bulk of moisture from this southern system will reach us by thursday evening. we could have widespread ice developing. freezing rain and sleet and
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ending as snow on friday. so winter does make a return by the end of the week but not today. we make it to 52 degrees with the variable clouds. tonight's temperatures begin to cool down with the wind shifting to the north. we'll drop to 32. tomorrow will be cooler, close to the normal with a high of 44. we'll check the extended forecast in a moment. we're celebrating some birthdays today. if we can check the list here on this 19th of january. whose birthday is today? dolly parton turning 64. paula deen is 63. i've never seen the two of them in the same room at the same time. frank caliendo, 36. >> i can't believe he's only 36. >> he does seem much older with the john madden hair. if you know somebody celebrating a birthday including a celebrity you want to honor, aka ulysses s. grant, when? >> april. we have time. >> please send pictures and information, we would love to share it on the air, at
5:20 am here's kim brown. >> traffic is flowing freely at this hour. light to moderate volume around the beltway, no problems on the west side from liberty road down towards the route 70 interchange. inner loop looking good from the 83 up to loch raven boulevard. in harford county, we have a dense fog warning in effect at the hatem memorial bridge and the only incident we have working is the northbound lanes of york road at bosley avenue, two right lanes taken away because of ongoing watermain break repair. that could cause delays. and no problems to let you know about at pratt and president streets. back to you. news around the nation at 6:20 -- investigators are trying to determine a motive in the shooting that left five people dead at a home in southeast texas. the victims are retiree and his wife, younger woman and man and a girl. believed to be about 3 years old. police are now questioning a 20-year-old man they say lived with the victims. we have a police chase to show you. this is through hollywood last night.
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ended in a collision, a suspect in a white suv drove fast along rain-slick streets before plowing into a white car at an intersection and the two cars then swerved into a business and came to a stop and after the crash the suspect got out of the car and surrendered. it was not conan. >> all right. also making news around the nation, a pilot in tennessee will never forget his maiden solo flight. authorities say the man's single engine cessna failed to clear a building near an airport in tennessee. the pilot, the only person on board was flown by helicopter to a hospital. witnesses say he didn't appear to be seriously hurt. that's amazing when you look at the video. >> practice, practice. aid is come to haiti. >> who is aiding in the security crackdown in the nation's capital? >> looters are roaming the streets armed with guns and machetes. i'm linda so, how the violence is tampering relief efforts.
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because what you wear is up to you. keeping it looking its best is up to tide. tide. style is an option. clean is not. 5:24. checking our extended forecast, yes, a return to winter after this break. 56 yesterday, it will bring us to 52 degrees today with a fair mix of clouds, same system to bring snow to the north. drop to freezing tonight, 44 tomorrow. only 30s, looks like we're racing this next system in here and we could have some freezing rain and sleet trying to move in during the latter part of thursday. that takes us to a wintry mix on friday that will likely end with some snow and stuck in the 30s. we'll hit 40 on saturday.
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then mid-40s sunday. that next system may be pushed back to sunday night and monday with plain old rain. 5:24. let's go to new york with eric horng and "tech bytes." >> apple is ready to unveil its latest creation. apple sent this invitation to the media inviting reporters to an event a week from tomorrow the company didn't give specifics but speculation has been running wielgd for some time that apple will unveil a tablet computer. video game consoles are for more than just playing games these days. you can rent movies, watch tv and more. now microsoft is hoping the x box becomes more like a cable box. "the new york times" is reporting microsoft is in talks with disney about a programming deal with espn. x box owners will be able to watch live sporting events and play interactive games. disney is the parent company of abc. in our weekly video game review, what some are calling an early contender for game of the year. bayonetta. libby gode checked it out.
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>> it's one of the weirdest games but also one of the most entertaining. she has guns in her hands, attached to her feet. if that's not weird enough she has magic hair and it's used to unleash savage attacks against her enemies. combine all the abilities together you have punches, kicks, shooting and magic hair. really, there's never been more ways to creatively kick butt in a video game. it's a fun fighting game, good for someone who is an experienced gamer or something totally new to this form of entertainment. >> it's available for the x box and play station 3. finally, aspiring musicians can now search for fame on "rock band," beginning today average users can upload and sell versions of their own music on the store. it can be costly though. "the wall street journal" reports the service is only available on the x box for now and eventually be on other systems. for more information on all
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these stories log on to the technology page of those are your "tech bytes." i'm eric horng.
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the u.n. world food program says it needs 100 million prepared meals over the next 30 days. its desperate in haiti. >> they thought a friend's knock at the door was just that. turns out it was a pair of robbers. now we're trying to help police track down the suspects. >> coming to a closet space near you. the new and improved "cash for clunkers," it will be simpler, larger and last longer. >> good. >> we have the details on that, on this tuesday morning. thank yo


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